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Breakthroughs in psychotherapy are few and far between but there is one innovation that I believe will make a big difference to clients –  the use of Skype – that’s because it allows one of the most important aspects of real therapy to take place and that is the regular as clockwork weekly appointment,

Freud’s original patients were the wealthy Viennese housewives.  These women had servants and could spend as much time as they wanted being analalysed.  When  Jung had his own institute at Küsnacht grateful patients would move into a local Hotel for six months in order to work with the master.

Work habits have changed.  Today,  even the wealthy housewives work and high pressure jobs means travel.  Our new office may be a hotel room or a serviced flat miles from home and that is why Skype has become an essential part of the new psychotherapy because it enables the client to have regular support and its the regularity of the sessions that make all the difference.

Of course face-to-face work is preferable but Skype allows people who travel to engage in psychotherapy.  I have a client who is an actor and is making a movie in Hollywood another is an architect working on projects across Europe, there’s the salesman who is often in the middle-east, although we have to work around time-zones the important thing is we can maintain a regularity of contact.

For some people skypotherapy opens up a whole new world:-

* Anyone who is disabled and unable to leave the house

* Agoraphobics who need therapy in order to leave the house, (the Catch 22 of this disorder)

* People who travel on business.

* Anyone who lives miles away from the nearest therapist (When I lived in North Wales I had a four hour round trip to see my supervisor.  I would have loved Skype then)

* People who are working on shame based issues because Skype gives them more control over each session (they feel more secure).

* Anyone living abroad who wants an English speaking therapist.

Changes in the way we live and work make that important regular commitment to psychotherapy very difficult – Skype is the great enabler of modern therapy.

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