The Tin Nose Shop: when plastic Surgery was just not enough

The Tin Nose Shop

Portrait of work in progress, from the papers of Anna Coleman Ladd. Archives of American Art Every war has its signature injury. In Afghanistan it the loss of limbs due to Improvised Explosive Devises. In the First World War it was a bullet in the face. It was a war characterised by new technology and al too often those who peeked over the lip of the trench found them selves caught by Machine Guns. Another technology in its infancy was Plastic Surgery,they could help some of the soldiers but...

Shell Shock & our own tribute to the Great War

As a Men's Therapy site it would be remiss not to talk about the trauma's of war. When we read about the number of deaths in the Great War its sometimes difficult to remember that most combattants did not die. Most did not suffer from Shell Shock But no one comes home unaffected.