Working by Skype

There are some clients who are simply unable to visit a therapist. That can be because you live somewhere remote, or you have the kind of lifestyle that means it is impossible to make regular face-to-face appointments – you  may be agoraphobic or even have a disability that makes travel very difficult – in that case we can work over the internet via Skype, iChat or Yahoo Messenger.

This kind of work is different from face-to-face therapy and if this interests you, please contact me and we can discuss the pros and cons and logistics of working together in this way.

Pay for Single Sessions (via PayPal)

The  Psychotherapy W2 account you are paying to is code-named Caermeddyg after my old house in Wales (the word means ‘Healers Field’) . This precaution is for confidentially reasons, otherwise your credit card statement would say “Payment to Psychotherapy W2″.