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The Rules - Illustration by Maria Hayes

The Rules - Illustration by Maria Hayes

Couples therapy sessions naturally take longer than individual sessions   You wil spend at least two hours per session and they tend to go on until they finish, that is to say I am looser around time on these session because its important that when you leave there is a feeling of completion for each session.

My approach owes a lot to the work of Drs Hal  and Sidra Stone of Mendocino in California.  I am married and when I married for the second time when I was in my forties.  My wife and I were both independent spirits and we found it hard to settle  together.  We wrestled all the rime.  We tried to find a therapists and after a few false starts we ended up traveling to California to work with the Stones,  (not the group).    That was 17 years ago and their work,  ‘Voice Dialogue’ has formed the back bone of my approach to couples work because it allows a kind way of being able to speak to each other about difficult issues.

If you have ever thought – “there is a part of me that thinks this… but there again there is a part of me that thinks that”, then you should investigate Voice Dialogue, or, if you and your partner keep re-running the same rows, in the same situations,  and you feel that the relationship is somehow running on automatic and stuck in a groove, then I think you will find Voice Dialogue to be very valuable.

Voice Dialogue is a psycho-spiritual approach to therapy that was created by Drs Hal and Sidra Stone.

By training, Hal was a Jungian Analyst and Sidra, a behavioural psychologist. Together they have linked a systemic approach with Jungian archetype work and made a new, plain-language form of therapy that is highly intuitive yet profound.  It’s short term work and it also a lot of fun and that’s not a word most people associate with therapy.

If you wish to work in this way, either individually, or as a couple, please call me on 07802338773 and I will demonstrate Voice Dialogue to you in a free session.

If you want to go on a course to find out more about these techniques,  contact my friend John Kent at www.voicedialogue.org.uk or if you are reading this in Holland may I recommend another family friend, Robert Stamboliev.

Finally, in this tour of colleagues,  if you are in Paris and you need an excellent therapist, Clinical Psychologist, someone who trained in systemic, family and couples therapy,  at The Maudsley, and someone who uses Voice Dialogue, then look no further than Judith Collignon on 0033146342677

Free Download – “The Basic Elements of Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of the Selves” by Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone’ (30 pages)

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